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Our products feature complete specifications, wide application scope, and high reliability, cover electrical energy, transportation, and industrial heavy

machinery three fields, involved in a number of industries, wind power, nuclear power, thermal power, shipping, locomotives, ports, marine engineering,

metallurgy, mining, cranes, etc. enjoy a high reputation in the international market!

Jinyuan will adhere to the corporate belief of”Integrity,Excellence,Harmony,Development”,open a “professional,Refined,Special,and New”road,take development
as the primary element, closely follow the large forgings, the key components of the market changes, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and
research investment, and constantly enhancetheir core competitiveness, the formation of efficient, low consumption, energy saving, environmentally friendly lean
production model to excellence The integrity of products and services to customers, win-win among the enterprise,the society,nature,employees,dients and shareholders.


20 years of industry experience


4500 tonnage free forging press


Maximum forgings are 30 tons


Annual forging capacity of 80,000 tons

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    Let you witness jiangsu jinyuan - strong enterprise strength!

    Jiangsu jinyuan has a staff of more than 500 employees, including 6 senior engineers, 8 mechanical engineers, 8 engineers of electrical engineers and 8 other professionals. The powerful staff team of


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    Welcome to the official website of jiangsu jinyuan Advanced equipment co., LTD.

    Jiangsu jinyuan advanced equipment co., LTD. Was established in May 1997, over the years focused on high speed gears of research and development, production, marketing, products mainly include electri


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    Jiangsu jinyuan - senior fan, shengshi-rong!

    Company has passed the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management, energy management system certification, CCS wind power access certification, and won the China, South Korea,



Enterprise mission: Customer-centered, Brand Creation by Service

corporate vision: Pursue harmony and win-win among the enterprise,
the society, nature,employees, clients and shareholders;

Tenet: Integrity, Excellence, Harmony, Development

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To become a trusted and respected enterprise.

By adopting control technology originated from independent research department,the 45MN free forging press and the 70T traveling crane,50T traveling crane,6 natural gas heating furanaces and 32 after-forging heat trearment furnaces that Jinyuan owns can apply automatic ignition.

We look forward to your joining and

changing the world with the power

of technology.


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