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Social responsibility

Sustainable development

Jiangsu Jinyuan High-end Equipment Co., Ltd.,, has been focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of high-speed heavy-duty gears. Our products mainly cover electricity, marine engineering, rail transportation,mining machinery and other fields. In order to sustainable developmentthe company will carry out the transformation of the structure and theextension of the industry, optimize the traditional product technology,pay close attention to the development of new products in the newmarket, carry out various forms of production and research cooperation and innovation, and play the role of intellectual property in production and operation. Big investment to promote industrial upgrading and transformation, in 2016 was identified as "two integration management system through the pilot enterprises", so that the company from the industrialization of information technology to promote the developmentof a pioneer.

Green Environmental protection

The company actively abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the national environmental law, in order to create clean energy, green pro-duction model, in recent years spent a lot of money to coal-fired heating furnace all transformed into natural gas heating furnace, in creating a clean, relaxed working environment and improve Production capacity, but also a positive response to the country's environmental policy, and was rated as advanced environmental protection enterprises.

Contribute to society

Integrity management is based on capital, the company has always advo-cated and carry out the implementation of "integrity, excellence,harmony and development" business philosophy, and actively build market influential leader; repeatedly was rated as"tax advanced enterpris-es"Harmonious contract re-credit enterprises""Harmonious relationship credit business" and so on;
The company also set up a love help fund, mainly for the difficulties of workers,charities,Red Cross,courageous funds,schools and poor students help. The company and the Liyang City Bureau of Justice established the"Liyang City Sunshine employment support base" to help some difficult social staff, after training, to solve the employment problem.

Care for employees

In accordance with the relevant laws and requlations, the company fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, do a good job of logistics support, regular staff for physical examination, the hardship of the staff to actively support, the family, so that employees can feel at ease in the work; In order to encourage outstanding, employees to take organizational tourism.