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R&D strength

The excellence of technology lies in research. Since its business startup, R&D of science and technology has played a key role. Jinyuan has put significant investment on R&D with about 5% of the sales avenue in an average. Meanwhile, it carries out active cooperations with universities including Nanjing University of Science and Technology, North University of China and Nanjing University of Technology on technical exchanges, project development and graduate trainings. Jinyuan has overcome many industrial and technical difficulties, such as the even control of furnace temperature, the formation of material precision, heat treatment and defect control, et cetera. Over 16 patents and niche techniques have been developed, which had contributed to the production on energy-saving, material-saving and environmental friendliness.

Development of technologies

Temperature multi-point sensor and intelligent method on gas heaters

Precise forging technologies

Multi-control in successive deformations Control Technology of uniformity on material microstructure and property

Temperature multi-point sensor and intelligent control method

Auto-Measurement by ultrasonic C scan on forging internal defects

New patents

Means of temperature control in furnace

Isothermal normalizing method for forgings made by alloy carburizing steel

A removable mould for forging shaft forgings

Adaptive detecting device for large shaft forgings

Control device on mold of precise forging